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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The next kidnap victim: Miss Israel?

The IDF is investigating a kidnap threat left on the Facebook page of Mor Maman, the current Miss Israel.
The scare came after she posted a photo of herself after her first week in the army.
Her photo was shared by an Arab youth on Facebook, who tagged her and included the threat in an Arabic caption, “the next kidnapping target.”
She initially ignored the share until she arrived home for the weekend and told her family what had happened.
“…they said ‘it’s serious,’ and that I’d have to report the incident immediately,” she said. “I immediately understood that I could be abducted, and didn’t want to take any chances.”
The IDF is taking the threat seriously, has opened an investigation and is trying to track down the poster, according to Channel Two News. Police warned her to be very alert for any unusual activities.
“I, like all the women (in the IDF), am supplied with tear gas, and was taught self-defense, since we’re located close to Arab areas,” she said.
“Our officers warned us not to hitch hike, and, after the kidnapping of the teens, I understand not to dismiss the danger,” she said, adding that, “truthfully, I’m pretty fearful from all of these threats.
“The post isn’t funny, and I hope they catch the guy,” she said.
The IDF has banned hitchhiking by soldiers since 1993 when Canadian immigrant Yehoshua Friedberg was murdered by 'Palestinians' who picked him up hitchhiking at the exit from Jerusalem and dumped his body along the side of the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv highway between Telz Stone and Shoresh.

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