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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Report: 'Palestinian' teen was burnt alive

The 'Palestinian Attorney General' has reported that Mohammed Abu Khder, the 16-year old who was kidnapped from his Shuafat home last week and found dead a short while later in the Jerusalem Forest, was burned alive.
Mohammed Abu Khder, 16, was abducted from his Shuafat neighborhood in Jerusalem early Wednesday, and his charred body found not long afterwards in a the Jerusalem Forest.
Palestinians have blamed Jewish extremists for killing him in revenge for the kidnapping and murder in last month of three Israeli teenagers.  
Palestinian news agency Maan quoted Palestinian Authority Attorney General Mohammed Aluweiwi on Saturday as saying the initial findings of a post-mortem indicated the presence of smoke in the boy's lungs, meaning he was still alive while being burned.
Abu Khder also suffered a head wound, but that was not the cause of death, Aluweiwi added.
Israeli police said they still could not confirm the motive for Abu Khder's murder.
A spokeswoman told AFP police were investigating "all possibilities", and that there was a gag order on all details of the investigation. 
The gag order would explain why the media isn't reporting the motive. 

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