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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our commanders lead from the front

Golani brigade commander Col. Ghassan Alian, the highest ranking Druze soldier in the IDF, has returned to his command just three days after suffering shrapnel wounds in battle.
Ynet reports today that Col. Ghassan Alian, the commander of the Golani Brigade and the highest ranking Druze in the IDF, has returned to fight against Hamas in Gaza, just three days after he suffered shrapnel wounds in battle.
“I’m leaving hospital to go to the unit,” he said. “I was in touch with the battalion commanders regarding the IDF’s accomplishments, and am returning to take command of the division, and move forward.
“The spirits in the division are strong and high. I visited the wounded fighters and I would have loaded them back inside the bus if I had had one available.We had a hard battle the morning I was wounded. A rocket-propelled grenade flew several meters over my head. I have a few scratches but I’m ok.”
Despite his confidence, Alian also acknowledged that the brigade has suffered losses in the fighting, “I want to send a warm embrace to the bereaved families. I could not see them all but plan on doing so. They give us strength.”
Alian wanted to return to battle right away, but his doctors made him stay. On Monday, his doctors still wanted him to stay a while longer in the hospital but he insisted on returning. “I have a lot of soldiers there and I have to get back to them,” he said.
The IDF posted a Hebrew video of Alian's release from the hospital. You can watch it here.

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