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Monday, July 07, 2014

New details released in Arab teen murder investigation

The Jerusalem District Court has cleared for publication more details of the investigation into the kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khadr.
IDF Radio reports Wednesday night that three of the suspects were involved in other serious crimes before the murder; the remaining three were less involved in burning the teen alive. 
Some of the suspects have been sent for psychiatric observation, the statement continued, adding that investigators were also determining whether the suspects had links to terror, criminal, or racist organizations.
The Israel Security Agency (ISA) confirmed that three suspects have finally been allowed to meet with legal representation, although three have still been barred from legal counsel.
I am guessing that the three suspects who have been allowed to meet with their lawyers are those who have not been involved in serious crimes in the past, and were less involved in burning Abu Khadr alive. But I have to wonder which group was sent for psychiatric observation. 

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