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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Navy destroys Hamas long-range rocket launch site

Commandos from Shayetet 13 - Israel's answer to Seal Team Six - raided a Hamas long-range rocket launch facility in the early hours of Sunday morning. Four commandos were lightly wounded by fire from Hamas terrorists, and the facility was significantly damaged.
Israel Navy commandos raided a facility from which Hamas fired many long-range rocket at Israeli cities, the IDF said early Sunday. During the raid, the commandos were shot at by Hamas gunmen, and returned fire. "The facility was hit and damaged," the army said.

Four commandos sustained light injuries during the special operation. They have been evacuated to a hospital in Israel.
The report on Israel Radio at 5:00 am sounded a lot more positive than this report which is pretty plain vanilla.

Rotter.net reports (link in Hebrew) that three Hamas terrorists were killed in the battle and that the commandos were supported by F-16 fighter jets and by attack helicopters. 

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