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Monday, July 07, 2014

Make it 65 rockets, IDF has go-ahead from cabinet

Shades of late 2012 (pictured).... As of 9:30 this evening, some 65 rockets had been fired into southern Israel by Hamas terrorists.

In the meantime, the cabinet has given the IDF a go-ahead to get tougher with Hamas.
As rocket fire from Gaza shows no sign of letting up, the cabinet on Monday authorized the IDF to increase its military pressure on Hamas. The IDF intends to add more troops to the brigades it already has poised on the borders of Gaza, officials said. So far an additional 1,500 reserve troops have been called up, to free up regular soldiers in case of need. Meanwhile, the Israel Air Force will increase its targeting of terrorist facilities in Gaza, the army said.
With that, the government decision said that the aim of the IDF operation was not to enter into a wide-ranging military action against Gaza Arab terrorists, but to ensure quiet in the south. In addition, the IDF is to ensure that rocket fire does not spread to cities other than the ones that Hamas and terror groups have been targeting, mostly in the Gaza border area. In addition, extra batteries of the Iron Dome system will be set up throughout southern Israel, officials said.
“Quiet will be answered with quiet,” the government said, adding that it demanded “a cease-fire with no preconditions.”
On Monday, the IDF said that it targeted several terror smuggling tunnels in southern Gaza. The action, the army said, prevented “a steady stream of terrorists into Israel. We recently found a significant terror tunnel leading out of Gaza, which we are gathering intelligence about to prevent further terror attacks and to prevent [the tunnel] from being used [again]," an IDF official said.
"We are also investing significantly in gathering our security forces," he added. "Until now we have had two full staffs working on the situation and we are readying ourselves for escalation [with Hamas]."
It looks like the IDF is going to be called upon to mow the lawn in Gaza again. Hopefully this time they will do a good enough job to put the grass into shock and kill it. 

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