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Monday, July 21, 2014

Israel Radio broadcaster blasted for saying there won't be peace

Israel Television and Radio reporter Oded Shachar opened his Hakol Diburim program on 21.7.2014 on Israel Radio Reshet Bet with a short commentary that there will never be peace. As I have noted in the past, Israel Radio is extremely Leftist. Later in the program he read the angry responses received by the station. Responding to the critics, Shachar says he would be willing to give up even on access to the Western Wall if that's what it took to have peace - but nothing will get Israel peace.

Let's go to the audio tape (sorry - Hebrew only).

As I have related many times on this blog, seven years or so ago, I heard David Horovitz speak at a synagogue outside Boston. After the program ended, I went up and introduced myself. He was already familiar with my blog. I told him that I had no hope that there would ever be peace with the 'Palestinians.' He told me that he could not live in Israel if he felt like I feel. I wonder if David and other moderates like him are still hopeful, and what they will do about it if they are not.

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