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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Here it comes: IDF telling Northern Gazans to leave, IDF to go after Shifa Hospital?

In what is apparently the prelude to a major military offensive, the IDF is warning Gazans in the Northern part of the Strip - the area from which most of the rockets are being fired - to leave.
The IDF has begun dropping leaflets on certain parts of Gaza, telling residents to leave their homes, reported Channel 2 Saturday night. The move is being interpreted as a preparation for a possible ground offensive by the IDF.
Channel 2 also reported that the IDF is carrying out a combined large-scale operation by fighter jets, attack helicopters and artillery in Gaza Saturday night. The artillery was being fired at open spaces that could serve as launch sites for rockets.
Medical sources told AFP that ten people had been killed in the aerial attacks.
The operation may have been timed to forestall the rocket salvo against Tel Aviv that Hamas launched at about 9:00 p.m., after announcing earlier in the evening that it would do so. 

Experts including former Military Intelligence head Amos Yadlin said Saturday that a possible ground offensive should be aimed at achieving limited tactical goals, such as destruction of terror tunnels and hidden rockets.
JPost is a little more blunt.
The IDF has begun evacuating residents of northern Gaza, and other areas in the coastal enclave from which heavy and long-range rockets are being fired at Israel, ahead of a stepped-up campaign of air raids that will target Hamas leaders hiding under large residential buildings, a senior army source warned Saturday night.
"We are moving to a more significant phase. Since the leaders are hiding under homes and using human shields, we are initiating the evacuation of civilians in Gaza before stepping up attacks.
Until now, we've tried to use minimal force to lower civilian casualties. That explains how, even though we have hit 1300 targets, the civilian casualty rate is so low," the source said.
"But in order to improve effectiveness in our operations in northern Gaza and other areas, we will in the coming hours evacuate civilians for their own safety, from places where rocket fire has occurred," he added.
Residents of Gaza in areas that the IDF will soon strike will receive information, either via telephone or other means, informing them that terrorist elements are operating in their area, and that they must leave for their own safety.
"I am confident most will leave," the source said. "Then, there will be much more significant attacks." Some Hamas leaders are hiding under Gaza hospitals, the source stated.
You mean we're going after Shifa? Can't wait.... 

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At 2:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank G-d we are finally doing it, destroying Hamas!!
We REALLY need to OCCUPY GAZA and permanently! Get down in those tunnels and see what forms of weapons they have stashed wherever! Thank G-d for Bibi and his real leadership!
They want to bit*# they are OCCUPIED, we might as well do it correctly and get some control over the region permanently!


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