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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hamas' 'victories'

Hamas has its own version of Baghdad Bob.

Let's go to the videotape (Hebrew with Arabic subtitles - more to follow in English).

"Seven Israelis die in Zikim," "Ten injured in Haifa after rocket explodes," "All of Tel-Aviv is in shelters," and "Hamas succeeds in causing malfunctions to the Iron Dome system," - these are just some of the headlines that Gaza residents have been hearing in recent days on Hamas radio and television broadcasts.
But none of the news items mentioned above actually happened. Seven Israelis did not die in Zikim, instead  it was five Hamas terrorists that died. No one was injured in Haifa, and Tel Avivians are still going to work, enjoying the beach and sitting at cafes, not locked in shelters. 
The latest "news" that Al-Aqsa TV, and Hamas radio channel The voice of Al-Aqsa are reporting is that the IAF has no more targets left.
After the incident in Zikim, Hamas television claimed that the majority of Ashkelon residents have fled to the area of Wadi-Ara in northern Israel. Another fabrication.
These people are still pretty foolish. If Hamas were winning, would all those buildings be falling around them?

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