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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hamas' Marzouk would rather Israeli control of Gaza than the 'blockade'

There are two amazing sides to this amazing coin. First, that Moussa Abu Marzouk, Hamas' number two outside the Gaza Strip, wants Israel to take over the Gaza Strip. And second, that Marzouk has in essence admitted that Israel does not currently 'occupy' Gaza - a contradiction to one of the 'Palestinians' main talking points.
Abu Marzouk told the Rai al-Youm newspaper that Israeli reoccupation of the Gaza Strip would mean that Israel would have to provide the Palestinians with electricity, water and jobs.
“We prefer the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip by Israel to returning to the state of blockade that prevailed before the current aggression,” Abu Marzouk, who is based in Cairo, said.
“Occupation means providing electricity, water and jobs. Providing these daily matters is the responsibility of the occupying state.”
Abu Marzouk said that he relayed this message to a Norwegian envoy, who met with him in Cairo a few days ago to discuss the situation in the Gaza Strip.
Abu Marzouk also held talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has been seeking to persuade Hamas to accept the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire proposal that was announced last week.
Abu Marzouk said that Hamas and other Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip reject the proposal “because it encourages Israeli aggression.”
Abu Marzouk said that Hamas couldn’t accept Netanyahu’s demands to stop smuggling and manufacturing weapons.
He quoted Abbas as telling him during the meeting: “We can’t defeat Israel and we are powerless in front of America. Therefore, there should be a cease-fire and Hamas must accept the Egyptian proposal immediately and without any amendments.”
 Hamas is looking for Israeli soldiers to target in Gaza. They must be destroyed.

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