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Thursday, July 24, 2014

CAIR, National Lawyers' Guild: 'We are Hamas'

Danielle Avel documents an anti-Israel rally in Miami - whose sponsors included CAIR and the National Lawyers' Guild - this past Sunday.

Let's go to the videotape.

Many more details here. Danielle concludes:
These outrageous, vulgar, and violent sentiments provide insight into the real views of groups like CAIR, ICNA, and the others listed on the event flier.  “Peace” protestors sponsored by these groups are normally able to stay relatively polite and on message, however, the appearance of Israel supporters sent them into a revelatory frenzy of great importance.  Not all of the demonstrations these groups promote will contain such overtly hostile messaging, but as the video proves, peaceful-sounding chants are synonymous with calls to war.
Anti-Israel fanatics are predictable in that they utilize a constant theme of claiming to be victims while simultaneously inciting hatred and violence.  What isn’t predictable is what they will chant in public.  When similar protests take place, one should keep in mind the true motivation behind these “peace” mobs.
It doesn't take much to cause them to be uncivil, does it?

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