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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breaking: IDF orders Shifa Hospital evacuated (with live broadcast embedded) - UPDATED

Well, here we go. The IDF has just asked the 'Palestinians' to evacuate Shifa Hospital, which is being used as a military command and control center, and where the Hamas leadership is hiding in a bunker (link in Hebrew).

I'm embedding a live broadcast from Israel's Channel 2 below, and then I will go back and update with a summary in English on the post linked above.

The article is about the fighting at the neighboring al-Wafa Hospital (see previous post which went up two minutes before this one). The report says that over the past few days, the patients were removed from the hospital, and that it had become completely a military installation.

According to the article, the takeover of Shejaiya is nearly complete. More than 120 military targets embedded among the civilian population have been destroyed.

The last part of the story is about John Kerry's arrival (covered in a post that's queued for a little while from now).

I invite you to continue watching the broadcast above. If it stops, an arrow should pop up and just click on the arrow to continue. 

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At 3:15 PM, Blogger Epaminondas said...

Good luck to the IDF. What's under there could be mined in a spectacular fashion.
Keep them safe, and bring them home, whole, and let them COMPLETE THE MISSION


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