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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Arab teen killed, Jews rush to blame Jews, 'Palestinians' riot

An Arab teenager was killed on Wednesday morning in Jerusalem, and as Israeli-Jewish Leftists rushed to label it a 'revenge attack' (the only surprise there is that they didn't call it a 'price tag' attack), 'Palestinians' rioted in Jerusalem, ensuring that there will be no tram service in their neighborhoods for some time to come.

Let's go to the videotape to see the damage in the Shuafat 'refugee camp.'

What precipitated all this was the discovery of the body of a 16-year old (what a coincidence!) 'Palestinian' in the Jerusalem Forest who had apparently been murdered.
The unidentified corpse was located by officers hours after residents of east Jerusalem’s upscale Beit Hanina neighborhood notified police of witnessing a young man being forced into a black vehicle late Tuesday night.
I'm so glad that the police take calls from 'Palestinians' more seriously than they take calls from Jews. /sarc

And why are the Jews suspected? Well for the 'Palestinians,' any excuse for a riot will do, but here's why Jews accuse other Jews.
The murder takes place after Israeli right-wing rioters embroiled much of downtown Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon and evening, demanding revenge for the murders of yeshiva students Gil-Ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Fraenkel.
The protracted riot attracted hundreds of extremists, who marched for several kilometers throughout the downtown area, including to the Old City, while chanting anti-Arab slogans and attacking several Palestinians in their path. Over 50 arrests were made throughout the capital.
Not exactly a call for random murders....

Meanwhile, there's another possibility for who did it.
Though the cause of death remains unknown, Rosenfeld said the boy’s body sustained significant burn marks. The spokesman added that police are also investigating previous kidnap attempts of members of the family to which the victim belonged, stemming from a personal dispute.
But that didn't stop Meir Margalit, a representative of the extreme Leftist Meretz party from blaming the Jews.
Despite the police’s contention that the murder may not have been nationalistically motivated, East Jerusalem Portfolio head Dr. Meir Margalit (Meretz) said there is no question as to the motivation behind it.
“It’s clear that it’s revenge,” he said by phone. “It’s a political and terrorist action carried out by the right wing.”
Yes, of course it's clear. Even Israel's Far Left Minister of Justice said so in a tweet.
Calling the killing of an Arab youth “shocking,” Livni wrote that “the murderers must be found and tried immediately. Nothing must stop us. This is the difference between the State of Israel and a terror organization.”
While she did not point any fingers in her post, she did drop a hint as to those she felt responsible. Implying that the killers of an Arab youth allegedly abducted and found dead in a Jerusalem forest were Jewish, Livni wrote that “we must punish those who want to turn us into a society of killers. This cannot be allowed to happen in Israel.”
But even Livni has retracted her tweet.
The messages was posted at roughly 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, but a few minutes later disappeared – never to return. Livni has not explained why she backtracked on the post.
The reason might be because of the strong possibility that the murder was carried out not by Jews, but by Arabs – and family members at that.
Speaking to Arutz Sheva on condition of anonymity, A senior retired police official noted that the family of the murdered 16-year-old was well known to police sources in Jerusalem, adding "it's a problematic family with internal clashes that have been ongoing for many years. I have no doubt that as time passes it will be clarified that the murder was criminal and nothing more.”
But the real difference between the Jews and the 'Palestinians' is the reaction. Recall that the only 'Palestinian' to speak out publicly against the kidnapping and  murder of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach had to go into hiding and his relatives were arrested for threatening him. Now look at the Jewish reaction.
Meanwhile, less than 24-hours after burying their son Naftali, the Fraenkel family issued a statement saying it would be “horrifying and despicable” if the Arab youth was killed due to nationalistic motives to avenge the murders of the three murdered yeshiva students.
“There is no difference between blood and blood, murder is murder,” read the statement from the bereaved family, who said they patently condemned murder in any form.
In a statement issued by the Jerusalem Municipality Wednesday morning, Mayor Nir Barkat also condemned the “horrible and barbaric murder.”
“This is not our way, and I am fully confident that our security forces will bring the perpetrators to justice,” he said. “I call on everyone to exercise restraint.”
Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel also came out harshly against the killing of the youth.
“The murder of a young man and burning his body is a disgusting act,” he said in a statement. “I hope the police use all means to find the murderers as quickly as possible and to bring them to justice.”
 And no one is threatening any of them for saying so.

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At 5:07 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Alleged, alleged. Let's be consistent. I see no proof anyone was killed by anyone else.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Smijj said...

Killing kids is terrible. I know we can trust Israeli police to investigate and prosecute any guilty parties in accordance with the law.


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