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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

And again: Hamas leadership hiding in basement of Shifa Hospital

As in 2009, Hamas is using Shifa Hospital to hide its leadership, and as in 2012, it is using the hospital as part of its war effort (link in Hebrew) (Hat Tip: Shaul). This one is only three short paragraphs, so I will translate it and then ask a question.
A journalist source who is close to security sources in the Middle East says 'Hamas' leadership is taking advantage of the underground structures underneath the Shifa Central Hospital in Gaza as a hideout for commanders and Hamas leaders to protect them against attack by the Israel Air Force.

"In the ongoing battle between Hamas and the Israeli army," the source further related, "Hamas leaders aren't just using the underground facility at Shifa Hospital as a hideout, but also as a command center for Hamas' leaders and commanders, and from here all orders are issued to Hamas activists in the field. Shifa Hospital, which is in the Rimal district in Gaza, is one of the main absorption centers for treating the sick and wounded in Gaza."

Ironically, in 1980, Israel helped renovate Shifa Hospital in an effort to improve relations with the 'Palestinians.' Part of the Israeli renovation included a large underground basement, which includes offices and hospital rooms to absorb the wounded. Until 1940, the facility was a medical base for the British army, until 1950 when the Egyptians, who then ruled the Gaza Strip, turned it into a hospital. According to the source, "during an emergency you can enter the facility through hidden, underground tunnels, which are hundreds of meters away from the facility."
Many years ago, I had a beehive in front of my house in New Jersey. To get rid of the bees, I waited until nightfall, sprayed the entrance to the beehive with alcohol, and then set it on fire. The bees were forced out in the dark and were unable to return.

Did we build these tunnels or did the 'Palestinians'? Do we know where the entrances are? (If we built them, then obviously we do). If yes, why aren't we closing off those entrances so that the only way out is if they come out the front door, where they can be picked off like low-hanging fruit? You know, flush them out like the bees....

Anyone know the answer?

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At 7:04 PM, Blogger Charles said...

What could have motivated the Israelis to build a number of several hundred meter long tunnels into a hospital in 1980?

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Gershon said...

Unfortunately the answer is that after all that has happened the Israelis are still not prepared to wage war. Still giving them freebie electricity and gas, food, etc. Nice guys finish last.

At 7:11 PM, Blogger Jesterhead45 said...

Another idea would be to take a leaf out of their book by drilling a tunnel beneath the hospital basement using the plans / blueprints as a guide to either attack them head on or to attempt to fill the entire tunnel system with sewage (or perhaps even some corrosive liquid).

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Level it. Let no stone stand atop another.


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