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Monday, June 23, 2014

Surprise: Mizrachi murderer was released in Shalit deal

The 'Palestinian' terrorist who murdered police Chief Superintendant Baruch Mizrachi on Passover eve as he was on his way to his seder has been caught. I'm sure you'll all be shocked to hear that he was released as part of the 2011 terrorists for Gilad trade (link in Hebrew).

The murderer is Ziad Awad. Awad is 42 and is from the village of Idna. He was arrested at the beginning of the month along with his 18-year old son Iz-a-Din, who helped plan the terror attack and helped his father to escape. The family that plays together....

Awad carried out the attack with a Kalashnikov rifle while riding a motorcycle. He told his son that he did it for the sake of Islam and that those who murder Jews gain admittance to Paradise. So much for anyone who still believes that this is not a religious war.

Awad was originally arrested in 1999 and sentenced to 27 years in jail for murdering 'Palestinian collaborators.' He was released in the 2011 terrorists for Gilad trade.

The army says it was a miracle that no one other than Mizrachi was killed - Awad shot hundreds of rounds.

I believe that tens of people should spend some time in Mizpe Hila this summer in front of the Shalit home with pictures of Mizrachi.

I also believe that Awad (not from the same village as - but possible related to - the two Awad scumbags who murdered the Fogel family of Itamar in 2011) and his son ought to get the death penalty. It's long past time to start implementing it.


I'm sure Leftist Noam Shalit will lead a demonstration against the home demolition. He's only into collective punishment when Jews are being punished.

But the death penalty would be much better. It is the only thing that will assure that Awad will never again go free. 


JPost coverage here

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