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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Some food for thought

Some food for thought for those of you still living stateside.
One could not make up such a story. We are witnessing the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and yet Jews who claim to be believers are not motivated to come. The great sage Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach used to joke that one day the Messiah would arrive, and American Jewry would come, take pictures and leave.

Imagine a Star Trek fan who only saw one or two of the movies, or perhaps none of them; who has watched only an episode or two, but not even of the original show. He cannot tell the difference between Kirk and Picard, and not only does he not speak Klingon, he does not even know what a Klingon is. What makes him a Star Trek fan? There are Jews who call themselves Zionists and have even less of a connection to Israel than this so-called Trekkie does to the Star Trek franchise.

Having been born in New York in the ’70s, I know how comfortable it is in the Diaspora.

I can’t say I ever suffered any anti-Semitism. But that is not the point. Israel isn’t about running away from something, but running toward it.

The rabbis have cautioned us that the study of Torah is not informative, but transformative. If that is truly the case, then imagine the transformation that comes of living a life that is completely Jewish. Imagine living in a country whose sole reason for existing is the promotion of the Jewish people’s welfare. We have a country here that lives, breathes, works, creates and loves according the rhythm of same calendar as the ancient Israelites who once populated this land. Talmudic law is part of the law of the land and plays a decisive role in the decisions of the courts. Here, and only here, do we decide our fate as Jews. How can one take his or her Judaism seriously and not actively seek to live one’s life in Israel?
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At 10:10 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You leave out other reasons Jews like me will never live in Israel. I'll list them for you:
1) Climate, I like very cold.
2)The Israeli government is pure evil, and like antisemites and Muslims more than it likes Jews.
3)Spies Israel is filled with antisemite spies from all over the world, who control every hidden position of power, especially the evil portion of America its secret service, and Russia lately China for our ideas, and of course the evil Europeans good ones don't spy Indyk is a spy from Australia for example, and a hardened Nazi who fooled you guys - us - for decades).
4) I probaby would hurt Israel more than help it, some people are better off being the strongest pro-Israel people from afar. I'm not the type who likes even looking at antisemites, leftist Jews and the ultraorthodox hasidim. Also I'm nothing.
5) Again my bigest so it deserves repeating the Israeli government is evil. IT has no creativity, and created almost as much antisemitism as it destroyed by being so gay (weak not pro gay equal rights which they deserve, like everyone else). so I'll continue to spend hours a day supporting Israel from here. MAybe we should become colonialist like the colonialist liars who accuse us of what they do and colonize someplace freezing, then I'll go there in a second.


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