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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pallywood exposed? Autopsy to be performed on Naqba day victim

At the request of his family, the body of a 'Palestinian' teenager who was allegedly killed during a Naqba Day riot in Beitunia - just north of Jerusalem - was exhumed on Wednesday and an autopsy was performed. The results of the autopsy have not been announced.

'Palestinian' medics claimed that the boy was killed by bullets fired by IDF soldiers, but the IDF has said consistently that its soldiers only used rubber bullets that day, and video has shown that there was no blood when the victim was removed from the scene. Moreover, a bullet allegedly recovered from the boy's body that was shown on CNN showed no signs of having actually been through a body.
Palestinian medics have said that Nadim Nuwara, 17, and Muhammad Abu Thahr, 16, were shot dead by Israeli troops using live ammunition on May 15 as they took part in an anti-Israel demonstration in the West Bank.
The Israeli military said its forces fired only rubber-coated bullets that day, and that an investigation of their deaths was still under way.
Both teenagers were buried the day after they were killed. Palestinian officials said an autopsy would be performed on Nuwara's body on Wednesday, at his family's request.
Palestinian pathologist Saber Al-Aloul said US and Danish pathologists would be present at the autopsy in the Palestinian Institute of Forensic Medicine in the West Bank town of Abu Dis. He did not say if or when results would be published.
An Israeli physician will also attend, Israeli and Palestinian officials said.
Don't expect any of those 'human rights' organizations that have accused Israel to apologize. It won't happen. 

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