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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Official Fatah Facebook page has digusting cartoon of kidnapped boys

The official Facebook page of the al-Fatah terrorist organization - one of the two parties to the new 'Palestinian' unity government - includes the disgusting cartoon above, which clearly is mocking the three boys who were kidnapped by 'Palestinian' terrorists on Thursday night.

The post on the "Palestinian National Liberation Movement "Fatah" / Central Page" shows three rats with Stars of David dangling from a fishing rod; its implications are unmistakable.
The sickening cartoon illustrates the mixed messages sent by the PA; on the one hand, Abbas promised to help Israel find the abducted teens - even as a senior PA official denied his administration would take any responsibility for the kidnappings.
It's time to bring 'Abbas' to an end.

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At 7:07 PM, Blogger Barbara2 said...

Things like that show the "religion of peace" for what it really is. And even Muslims have had to think about the contradictions in what they are supposed to believe.


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