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Monday, June 09, 2014

Hillary Clinton decides she needs the pro-Israel crowd

Hillary Clinton has decided that she cannot be elected President without money donated by the pro-Israel crowd. Therefore, her biography, to be published this week, tries to distance her from many of the anti-Israel actions of the Obama administration.
Speaking about the 2009 building freeze that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu submitted to, Clinton wrote "in retrospect, our early, hard line on settlements didn't work." The book, entitled "Hard Choices," was received by AP ahead of its release on Tuesday.
Clinton added that the pressure to freeze building exerted by the Obama administration was "one mistake of many" by the US, Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the talks.
According to her, the freeze made PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's position more entrenched, and led him to reject the talks, demanding an official freeze in eastern Jerusalem as well.

In the new autobiography, Clinton also said she was in favor of arming the Syrian rebels, but that Obama refused the move.
Still waiting to see whether Hillary will own America reneging on the commitments contained in the Bush letter or whether she'll claim that was only Obama's doing too.

What difference does it make?

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