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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Disgraceful: Kidnapped teen called police, police didn't take it seriously

How many times have I written on this blog that Israel's Leftist police treat the revenants ('settlers') with contempt?

Earlier, it was reported that one of the teens called the police, that the call was cut off and that the police did not bother to report it to the army until many hours later. It's actually worse than that. The police received a call from one of the boys saying that they had been kidnapped and did not take the call seriously. In other words, they decided - without any investigation - that someone was playing a prank on them.
One of the three boys kidnapped in the West Bank on Thursday night managed to tell police "we've been kidnapped" but the report was still not given to security sources for hours, the military censor cleared for publication on Sunday afternoon.
The call was made to police dispatch around 10:30 p.m. but it was only as much as five hours later before security services were notified.
For the past 24 hours there has been furious criticism of police amid reports that they were notified of the suspected kidnapping but did not notify security forces, giving the kidnappers hours to flee the scene with the boys.
The Israel Police have not directly responded to the report, telling reporters to speak to the Judea and Samaria police district and not the national headquarters. Later on Saturday night, the Judea and Samaria district sent out a reply saying that they would neither confirm nor deny the reports which are the responsibility of the media outlets themselves.
On Sunday, the national police branch said that there is no truth to the reports that a committee of inquiry has been opened to probe the incident, and that they would still neither confirm nor deny reports.
Arutz Sheva adds:
The call was received at 10:25 p.m. The youth whispered: "We've been abducted! We are being kidnapped."
The call lasted about two minutes and additional noises could be heard in it. It is being investigated by the Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shin Bet).
This information was under a gag order, which was lifted Sunday.
A source in the Israel Police said that the hotline did not take the call seriously and thought it was one of the numerous calls it receives from hostile Arabs who seek to overload it with false alarms. It was only when a brother of one of the abducted boys arrived at the police station that they understood the call had been real.
That emphasis is mine. TWO MINUTES - not just a call that was dropped after a few seconds like we thought before.

And as to the possibility that the call was from hostile Arabs - that's a load of garbage. Every Israeli can tell the difference between an Arab and a Jew talking. The police are trained to tell the difference very quickly (there's a way you can confirm this for yourself if you're in Israel,  but I won't publicize it on this blog).

Bottom line: The police could care less about the 'settlers.' Time and time again we have seen the police take the side of the Arabs (remember Amona?) against the revenants. Perhaps that's why every time the government decides to expel Jews from their homes, they send the army (which ought not to be doing such tasks even if they were legitimate) instead of the police. It's time to clean up the police rather than calling in the army to cover for their misdeeds.

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