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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Your tax shekels at work

Your tax shekels worked hard on Sunday as Tel Aviv University hosted about 300 demonstrators promoting 'Naqba day,' the 'Palestinian' narrative that refers to the founding of the State of Israel as a 'catastrophe.'
Arab students carried pictures of relatives and read testimonies of Palestinians who were forced from their homes and villages during Israel's War of Independence. 
"The tragedy of the Palestinian people began in '48 and continues to this day," the students said.
One demonstrator, a communications and law student, said that "in order for Arabs and Jews to live together we must recognize the tragedy of our people, our oppression, our expulsion. It cannot be denied."

The student stressed that "this day is even more important considering the current wave of hate crimes we have been witnessing."
YNet said that there were 300 protesters. The picture above is a picture of the counter-protesters. How many do you think are there? YNet obviously thinks it's less than 300. I'm not convinced.
Across from the demonstrators were a few Jewish students who were protesting against marking Nakba Day. One of the counter-protesters accused the demonstrators of grieving over Israel's creation: "Let us remember the facts: Arabs rejects the partition plan, they started the war, and they are still trying to destroy us. We are here to fight for the truth."
Note that there are Jews on both sides of the protest, but Arabs are only on one side. Only Jews delude themselves that the Arab narrative is somehow more true than ours. 

Think about this the next time you are asked to contribute to Tel Aviv University.

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