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Thursday, May 15, 2014

You won't believe what our half-wit Prime Minister said now

Some of you think Binyamin Netanyahu is a god. And admittedly he is a far better Prime Minister than wanabees like Tzipi Livni or Yitzchak Herzog would be. But sometimes he comes out with statements that are just so stupid that you have to wonder which side he's on.

Like this statement:
In an interview with Japanese media Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that he was asked by US Secretary of State John Kerry if Israel was prepared to make peace with only half of the Palestinians – and Netanyahu said that, for lack of a better option, Israel was prepared to do so.
“Kerry asked me if I could make peace with the Palestinian Authority alone, even though it does not rule all the Palestinians,” Netanyahu told Tokyo newspaper Mainichi Shimbun, referring to the control of Gaza by the Hamas terror group. “I said I could. I would be prepared for a deal with the part of the Palestinian people who were prepared to make peace with us,” he said.
The best face I can put on this is that Netanyahu is afraid that if the Hamas-Fatah unity deal goes through, Israel will be pressured to make 'peace' because all the 'Palestinians' are under one roof. Really? Does anyone really see even Obama-Kerry forcing us to cut a deal with Hamas, which refuses to accept our 'right to exist'?

And why would we cut a deal with just Abu Mazen when  Hamas is all over Judea and Samaria as well, and he has no control over them?

For that matter, why would we ever cut a deal with Abu Mazen given that his goal remains the destruction of Israel?

Oh wait. Netanyahu would, because he does what Obama tells him and because he is still enamored with this creature (tell me that they don't look a little too happy together in this picture)....

What could go wrong?

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