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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Netanyahu told the Pope at the terror victims' memorial

On Monday, I reported that Pope Francis I had visited the terror victims' memorial on Mount Herzl. What was more significant was what Prime Minister Netanyahu - who got this one right - said to the Pope while they were there.

Let's go to the videotape.

And for those who couldn't make out the words in the video....
At a Jerusalem memorial for terror victims, Netanyahu told the pope, “When my son was ten years old, his best friend was a girl, a beautiful Ethiopian girl, who sat next to him in class. One day she didn’t come. She was blown up in a bus not far from here because there was no fence, no wall.”
After the pope responded with prayers for peace and a harsh condemnation of terrorism, Netanyahu elaborated further.
“I’m grateful for your words today. Israel wants peace. Here we have a hospital, Hadassah Hospital. Palestinians come to this hospital. With the wall, they come. We cannot go to their hospitals, they come to our hospitals,” he said. “We don’t teach our children to plant bombs. We teach them peace. But we have to build a wall against those who teach the other side. But it cannot prevent the incitement to hate and terror and the destruction of Israel that permeates so much of the society on the other side of the fence. If that changes, then the walls could come down and we will have peace.”
Too bad that the media outside of Israel seems to have ignored this part of the visit. 

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