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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Slimy Shimon goes behind the Prime Minister's back

For those who have forgotten the story of how we got the Oslo accords, please recall that then-foreign minister Shimon Peres sent his minions to Oslo to meet with the PLO (which was then illegal) and then presented Prime Minister Rabin with a fait accomplis which Rabin felt he had no choice but to accept.

Peres did it again. And in a whiny interview with Israel's Channel 2, the President complains that Prime Minister Netanyahu was able to say no.
Speaking to Channel 2 News in a special interview on the occasion of Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day), Peres said that his contacts with Abbas were made on behalf of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, but that at the last minute, Netanyahu changed his mind and the agreement fell through.
President Peres also revealed that the agreement included the PA’s recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and understandings regarding borders and the issue of the so-called “right of return”.
"We reached understandings on several points," he told Channel 2. "We were supposed to reach a final agreement but Netanyahu though that there was a better brought forth by [Quartet envoy] Tony Blair."
"I didn’t think that Tony Blair could bring as good an offer as the one I brought," added the Peres. "We took out maps. Instead of talking about the pre-1967 borders, we talked about the size of the area. This would have allowed land swaps, establishments of settlement blocs and the like.”
Peres’s meeting with Abbas are nothing new. Three years ago it was revealed that Peres and Abbas had held four secret meetings in a bid to revive stalled peace talks.
Back then, too, it was revealed that a fifth meeting between the two had been scheduled in Amman, but Peres cancelled it, saying that “the government does not accept that we negotiate and I cannot do anything.”
Israel's President is elected by the Knesset which is itself elected by party and not by individual MK's. The position is supposed to be ceremonial and apolitical.

Peres' term cannot be over too soon. 

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At 3:21 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Sooooo..... it was Tony Blair, who dove in? Saving Israel from the Obama/Clinton/Kerry wrecking ball? Wow. I had never heard that. It doesn't surprise, though. It's like when the rockets started flying out of Leb in July '06, and, like a normal country, Israel started sending troops to stop the rocket crews... Condi Rice jumped on in, interfering and pressuring, pressuring the Israelis to just hunker down in shelters for over a month and to just ignore the Israelis (not just Jews) slaughtered by the random rockets. We were there that summer and it was completely unfathomable.

(Sidenote: I won't be supporting Condi for ANYTHING in a (R) govt, because she thinks the 57 OIC countries' citizens are like Martin Luther King's civil rights movement, while tiny Israel is like the KKK oppressing them. Nope to Condi.)


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