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Friday, May 09, 2014

Just like us?

A reminder as the Sabbath starts in Israel that I am in the New York City area where the Sabbath doesn't start for several more hours, so I am still posting.

For those of you who think Turks and Muslims are just like us, I'd like you to meet Sefer Çalınak, a 62-year old who appeared on the Turkish equivalent of the Dating Game this week to seek a third wife (Hat Tip: Gary P).
Sefer Çalınak shocked the host of Flash TV’s “Ne Çıkarsa Bahtına” (The Luck of the Draw) and the audience when he casually admitted killing his two previous wives, stressing that he was now an “honest person looking for a new wife.”

Çalınak was reportedly twice released from prison thanks to a government amnesty without completing his sentences.

His first spouse was his cousin, Fadime, with whom he eloped when they were both aged 17, after the girl’s family tried to force her to marry a widower. The two lived together with Çalınak’s family for five months, but then things started to change, he said.

“Her behavior changed. The nephew of the man who wanted to marry her started to come to our village. I was jealous and I killed her, in a way,” Çalınak said.

“I served my sentence. I was released after 4 years and 6 months with an amnesty, despite being given a 13 year, 9 month jail term in the first place,” he added.

After being released from prison, Çalınak married another woman, with whom he had two children, but they eventually separated.

He then had an affair with a woman who was already married and who had promised to divorce her husband for him, but Çalınak said she went back on her word.

“I killed her after she attempted to kill me. She was accidently killed when I swung the axe,” he said.

After the second murder, Çalınak was sent to prison again, but later he was released in another amnesty.

The host of the TV program asked Çalınak to leave after hearing the story, but he kept saying he was a victim of “destiny.”


Gözde Kurt, the show’s producer, told daily Milliyet that before the program Çalınak had said he murdered one person, and they allowed him to attend as he had served his legal sentence. 
Anyone want to date this 'gentleman'? I didn't think so.... 

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