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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Israel's high tech leader... no, it's not Tel Aviv

10 years ago tonight, son # 5, child #8 was born (you may notice a small change to my profile to account for that event).

47 years ago tomorrow night, I sat with my parents z"l (of blessed memory) and my brother watching television reports in Boston that Israel had liberated the Temple Mount and the remainder of Jerusalem. It was a heady time.

Tonight and tomorrow are Jerusalem Day, marking the day on which the 'eastern' part of the city of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is more than Israel's spiritual capital. It's also the country's leading high tech center and one of the most optimistic places on earth.
While Israeli hi-tech, so central to the nation's economy, is often linked to the central coastal region, revenue from the industry in Jerusalem is in fact nearly 12 billion shekels (around $3.5 billion), almost as much as the revenue Tel Aviv (6.7 billion shekels) and Haifa (7 billion shekels) combined.
Jerusalem is also leading Israel in attracting olim (new immigrants). The city absorbed 2,335 new olim in 2013, making 13% of the national total of olim, and over twice as many as Tel Aviv (1,060) or Haifa (1,130).
The capital has also been attracting young people, as 30,000 people young people have moved to the city in the last four years. 51% of those moving to Jerusalem in 2012 were between the ages of 20 and 34.
While the Central Bureau of Statistics reported 88% of Jerusalemites are happy, the Municipality figures found 92% of residents are happy with their lives, as compared to an 88% national average. Tel Aviv came in at 86% and Haifa at 81%.
Jerusalem residents were also found to be the most optimistic in Israel: 63% felt their lives would be better in the future, a rate higher than the national average (59%), Tel Aviv (57%) and Haifa (54%).
 Happy Jerusalem Day!

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At 11:05 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

So Ivanpah comes in second, behind Jerusalem and ahead of TA and Haifa. I would guess Palen would come in around the same rank... it is more $$, but if approval comes through, the revenue will have to be split with Abengoa.

How is it having Obama/Clinton Green $lu$h come in second on the revenue listing? I mean, just for scale.

I liked Jerusalem. Maybe we could establish a storefront and internet based (for international access) Torah Economics Institute, to give a different perspective than the socialist type views flowing into both of our countries. It is a topic that I think could open a topic of conversation among the entire Jewish enterprise. And I think we'd still be speaking to each other at the end of the first, and even the subsequent Torah parsha study rounds... Maybe there is a grant program that we could do a proposal for to be able to get it going...


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