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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Indyk was forced on Netanyahu by Kerry

Jewish Home party MK Ayelet Shaked told Israel Radio on Sunday that Prime Minister Netanyahu never wanted Martin Indyk as a 'mediator,' having had that experience in the '90's. According to Shaked, Indyk was forced on Netanyahu by US Secretary of State John FN Kerry.
Netanyahu agreed to Indyk's appointment to the latest round of talks only because Kerry asked, she said.
Shaked blasted Indyk for "daring to blame Israel" for the breakdown in the talks when, "The Palestinians breached the essence of the negotiations by unilaterally turning to the UN and by creating a unity government with a terror organization."  
"Indyk and people like him have made their livelihood for years from the peace industry that leads nowhere. It seems that it is difficult for these people to see reality." 
All true. But when are we going to go after the Israelis who feed the 'peace industry' who are no more capable of seeing reality. For starters, when will Tzipi Livni be fired? 

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