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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

'Palestinians' accuse Netanyahu of preveting a 'constructive solution' to the 'crisis'

Responding to Prime Minister Netanyahu's decision to cut off contacts with the 'Palestinian Authority,' a 'Palestinian' spokesman has accused the Prime Minister of preventing a 'constructive solution' to the current 'crisis' in the 'peace talks.'
"This decision undermines all international efforts ... to revive the negotiations, to proceed with a constructive solution to the challenges facing the peace process," said PA spokesman Ehab Bseiso.
Israeli and Palestinian officials cooperate on civilian issues such as the environment, water and energy, but Bseiso said this usually does not entail face-to-face meetings.
A spokesman for the Palestinian Authority said Israeli-Palestinian ministerial meetings were rare but voiced concern that the step could be followed by economic sanctions.
Got to keep the money flowing into Hamas' coffers in Gaza and into the terrorists' bank accounts, don't we?

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