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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Netanyahu instructs all ministries except Defense and Livni to stop cooperation with the 'Palestinians'

Prime Minister Netanyahu has instructed all ministries aside from the Defense Ministry and the Tzipi Livni Ministry to cease cooperation with the 'Palestinians.'
An Israeli government official said that in response to "Palestinian violations," Israeli government ministers were directred to refrain from meeting their Palestinian Authority counterparts.
The order did not include Defense Ministry cooperation with the Palestinians or Justice Minister Tzipi Livni's meetings with Palestinian negotiators.
The edict was part of Israel's response to what one official called the "Palestinians's grave violation of their commitments in the framework of the peace talks", an apparent reference to their signing of 15 international conventions last week amid a deep crisis in the US-brokered negotiations.
Israeli and Palestinian negotiators ended another US-mediated session on Tuesday with no sign of a breakthrough in efforts to save peace talks from collapse, but an Israeli official said they had agreed to meet again.

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