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Thursday, April 17, 2014

'Israeli Arab journalist' arrested for meeting with Hezbullah in Lebanon

The General Security Service released for publication today the arrest of an 'Israeli Arab journalist' for meeting with Hezbullah in Lebanon.
The journalist, Majd Kayyal, the editor of the website for Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel,  is suspected of traveling to Lebanon for a conference commemorating 40-years of the Lebanese newspaper As-Saphir, where he came in contact with Hezbollah agents. 
Adalah lawyers met yesterday with Kayyal in the Shin Bet Prison in Kishon, for the first time since his arrest.
Kayyal told his lawyers that the investigation is focusing on his visit to Lebanon and explained that his visit was part of his job as a journalist.
Adalah receives major funding from the New Israel Fund.
Kayyal claims he was being held in a cell 24 hours a day, without any daylight, a bed or a lamp, and that he had lost his sense of time. He claims he was intensively interrogated and questioned about his private life.
Boo. Hoo.
The Haifa Magistrate's Court released Kayyal to house arrest on Thursday until the next hearing on his case  which is April 22.
Maybe he can join Azmi Bishara in Qatar.

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