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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'Death to the kikes'?

Some more links from my correspondent on the situation in the Ukraine:
Painting over graffiti that says (Cyrillic: Смерть жидам, Smert' zhidam) Dead to Kikes

I found an original graffiti picture on antisemitism.org.il

Same day some criminals vandalized a Jewish cemetery, painted swastikas, curse words and tried to make it look like Right Sector (the Ukrainian nationalists) did it, but Chief Rabbi of Odessa and Southern Ukraine Abraham Wolf said that he understands its a provocation by the pro-Russian movement (Link down the page)  (To me, the vandalism looks like a typical teenage/drunk idiot job, cheap and childish)
Pics and video:

Here is a link and photo of their meeting (Chief Rabbi of Odessa and Southern Ukraine Abraham Wolf (Cyrilic: Авраам Вольф) and representative from (Cyrillic: УНСО) Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defence (Wiki link))
Im not the best translator and i don't want to send you a wall of text, so ill sum it up: The UNA-UNSF representative said its a matter of honor now to find the responsible people and punish them and the Rabbi said that he understand its a pro-Russian provocation)

P.S. Yep lots of Jewish news but somehow i'm sure that most of it never translated or published in English Jewish media

P.P.S. here is a link to all antisemitic acts aggregated in one place, they have some pics of that murderer from USA too
No pictures of Cossaks yet - that may be coming next. 

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