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Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a surprise: There's employment discrimination against Haredim (and Arabs)

I'm sure that you Israelis will all be shocked - just shocked - to hear that a sizable number of Israelis (and an even more sizable number of Israeli employers) is willing to admit an unwillingness to work with Haredim.
A survey of employers and employees, commissioned by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), reveals disturbing data about the willingness employees and employers in Israel employ various workers to work alongside them.
The survey was conducted among 500 respondents, a representative sample of the adult Jewish population and Hebrew speakers. The results, which were revealed Sunday, note that politics have a considerable impact on the type of person employers are willing to hire.
Half of respondents (46%), both employers and employees, expressed reluctance to work with Arab men. 30% of respondents expressed reluctance to work with a hareidi man, and 28% are reluctant to work with educated Arab women. 
Employers show particular prejudice, according to the survey. 42% of employers showed reluctance to employ Arab men; over a third of employers (37%) expressed a reluctance to employ hareidi men; and 13% of employers were unwilling to employ married women with small children from any sector.
Read the whole thing.  If you can't get a job because of prejudice and there are no government handouts, on what are you supposed to live?

You all might recall that Naftali Bennett admitted that discrimination against Haredim was an issue when I heard him speak in January.

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At 5:14 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...


I am sure that you, if you employed Israelis as part of your law practice, would prefer to hire a Jew if you could, over an Arab. In fact you have advocated for this position over time. Why? Well, simple - the Arab Israelis sadly are led by individuals who desire a one Arab state of Palestine, and sadly they receive a Nakba education. All Israelis know this. So it is not shocking to see discrimination against Arab Israelis in Israel.

What then, of Haredim? And their leaders who claim Bibi is as bad or worse than Haman and Hitler. And the leadership which blatantly calls upon the brethren to avoid its national obligation and instead receive welfare payments. And its leadership which purposefully keeps its young dumb and under their control so they are not able to have the freedom to leave if they so wish. And its leadership that stands by as Haredim spit at little girls in Beit Shemesh and say nothing and even excuse the behavior.

Wow...is it not shocking that Haredim would then face employment discrimination?

Easy answer...if Haredim served in the army and their leadership encouraged a secular education and counselled against such bad behavior (such as spitting at children in Beit Shemesh), then I think it would go a long way to alleviate against employment discrimination. Similarly, if Arab Israeli leaders preached coexistence and actually taught peace to their brethren, I would think that too would alleviate employment discrimination.

Until such changes happen in Arab Israeli and Haredi society, then yes, there will be employment discrimination. Let's be honest with ourselves. And of course all discrimination should be fought legally. This does not mean that discrimination against anyone is justified. But as a simple reality it will happen. The answer is not to retreat from the workforce altogether and simply rely upon hand outs.


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