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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

University of Michigan says death threats to pro-Israel students are 'activism'

Adam Kredo reports that a University of Michigan official has dismissed death threats by BDS supporters against pro-Israel students as 'activism.'
“The University of Michigan has allowed known pro-Hamas activists to openly organize riots on their campus and create an environment in which pro-Israel students had their lives threatened,” said one high-level official with a prominent pro-Israel organization.
“Now, after months of watching outside groups coordinate hateful stunts, university administrators are allowing students to be bullied into taking an anti-Israel vote with a gun pointed to their heads,” added the source. “They’ll have to answer for this, certainly politically and probably legally.”
The BDS brouhaha first began earlier this month when the school’s student government overwhelmingly suspended consideration of a divestment resolution. That prompted the pro-Palestinian group Students Allied for Freedom and Equality to hold protests on campus and inside student government chambers.
On Wednesday evening of last week during one of these sit-ins, a student opposed to the BDS resolution had “threats of violence” shouted at him by two “Arabic males,” according to a police report filed that evening.
University officials in recent days have helped broker a deal that led to an apology from the student government’s president for tabling the divestment initiative. The university has helped ensure that the initiative comes to a vote in the coming days.
University of Michigan spokesman Rick Fitzgerald—who first said that he did not understand a reporter’s questions—declined multiple requests to comment on the death threats and violent rhetoric from activists, saying that the school encourages “students to report them to police.”
Fitzgerald—who adopted an incredulous tone when faced with questions—additionally refused to connect a Free Beacon reporter with the university’s provost or other high-level officials, saying that the issue does not rise to the level of their involvement.
This is activism of students with their student government,” he said. The BDS activists “do not believe their voices were heard.”

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One good turn deserves another. Call for a bounty on their heads.


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