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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The war of attrition in Gaza

More than 60 rockets were fired at Israel on Wednesday, and there were at least another four on Thursday mornign. The IDF struck back... by hitting empty buildings.
The IDF responded to the attacks Wednesday evening, hitting two terror locations in the northern and southern Gaza Strip with artillery fire. A short time later, IDF aircraft struck more than 29 terror sites in Gaza.
Yes, of course the terrorists know what's coming and those buildings were abandoned.

Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad released a video on Thursday morning that warns of deaths and kidnappings of Israelis if the IDF invades Gaza.

Let's go to the videotape.


Yes, that was heavily accented Hebrew. Here's an English translation.
"Al-Quds Brigades is ready for your invasion and if you come there will be no other option than for you to die or become prisoners," the anonymous jihadist, laden in head-to-toe black, read from a piece of paper.
"You wont ever have security in 'our' country. Don't sacrifice your life for your leaders. We are inviting you to get out of our country and search for a new country," he added.
“You haven’t yet seen the extent of our capabilities,” the al-Quds spokesman said, additionally threatening longer-range projectile strikes on Israel if the IDF retaliated.
 But John Kerry keeps telling us that 'peace' is at hand. What could go wrong?

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