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Sunday, March 23, 2014

So much for Israel's 'growing isolation'

So much for Israel's 'diplomatic isolation.' The government of Panama consented to the search of the Klos-C, a ship under Panamanian flag that was carrying weapons from Iran to Gaza.
It turns out the operation had a far simpler legal basis than was previously evident: the ship’s flag state, Panama, consented to the operation.
Because a ship is legally an extension of the flag state’s territory, that state has an absolute right to consent to search on the high seas. Of course, nations have always been reluctant to allow interference with their civilian ships. Moreover, flags of convenience like Panama have about as much taste for allowing foreign security forces peeking into their ships as the Swiss have for peeking into their banks. So Panama’s cooperation is laudable. It is a happy example of a registry state taking actual responsibility for what happens under its flag, and yet another of many contradictions to the Jewish state’s alleged “growing isolation.”

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