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Friday, March 21, 2014

Only a violent failed state can help the 'Palestinians' avoid violence

Haaretz's Amira Hass really goes overboard.
The breakdown of the Palestinian Authority would turn the West Bank into a violent, criminal, chaotic, disease-ridden place. But even though most Palestinians want the PA to survive, either for the sake of basic social order or personal interest, and although Israel dreads having to resume responsibility for 3 million West Bankers, President Mahmoud Abbas’ regime will collapse before too long if Israel continues to thwart Palestinian aspirations for independence.

This is the conclusion of a massive six-month study by the highly-regarded Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, directed by Dr. Khalil Shikaki.
A great many Palestinians have a deeply vested interest in the PA’s continued existence, Shikaki notes. Connections with the PA bring “financial well being, social and political status in society, and there are circles that depend on their relation to PA. Anything that happens to the PA will take all of that away from them. These could be organizations, business interests or individuals who have positions of power that allow them to reward sympathizers.
“If they could call the shots, they would do their best to prevent [the PA’s collapse],” Shikaki said, “But even those who have a vested interest in satisfying Israel, for the sake of preserving the PA, cannot do it for too long.”
If ordinary Palestinians still support the existence of the PA, it’s because they have a need for some kind of order, he adds. “People do not want to see themselves without a central authority that prevents chaos and anarchy in the streets, even if they have a lot of criticism of the PA and its functioning. But the Palestinians are willing to risk it collapsing completely, if it happens in the midst of a struggle for a change in the status quo. If there is a good reason for it to collapse, then [the attitude is] let it be.”
Israel isn't thwarting 'Palestinian independence.' The 'Palestinians' only want independence on their own terms which would enable them to destroy the State of Israel - which is their real goal.

In other words, the 'Palestinians' are saying, "give us a violent state or we will violently destroy the status quo."

Thanks Obama and Kerry. 

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At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"President Mahmoud Abbas' regime will collapse before too long if Israel continues to thwart Palestinian aspirations for independence"?


I think most of us realize that rehabilitating Arafat was the worst mistake we could have made. So we got a "piece" that supposedly moved us closer to peace with the Palestinians. We hoped that this would end the conflict.

Ever since then, the Palestinians have continued to engage in terrorism against the Jewish State, and we wanted to believe the words Arafat said in English (and the words Abbas said after him). Even knowing this, the world just wants any kind of agreement, when they don't have to live in the region.

They claim there is no alternative to continuing the "peace process" because of what might happen. Well, after seeing the situation with the current Palestinian Authority, I am not so sure having it collapse along with this "peace process" is not a bad thing. (They just made a radical out of me. The blame rests with the Palestinians, who apparently can't agree to anything that would give Israel anything--apparently they would rather keep up the conflict than settle it.)

I am tired of those who say there is no alternative. Let's find out. When the time comes for a true peace, all the parties will truly be ready.


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