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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NGO report ties Oxfam to designated terror organization

A newly-released report by Shurat HaDin, an Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO), accuses Oxfam, a British NGO that is supported by a number of sovereign governments around the world, of having ties with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which has been designated a terror organization in the United States, Britain and the European Union. Oxfam loudly fired actress Scarlett Johansson as their spokesperson in January after Johansson took a position as spokesperson for SodaStream, an Israeli company that maintains a factory in Maaleh Adumim, which is in Judea.
For both political and propaganda reasons, many terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas have operated social service branches since their inception. The PFLP has done the same for decades.

Oxfam has strong connections to two of these organizations: The Union of Health Workers Committees (UHWC), which provides medical services; and the Union of Agricultural Workers Committees (UAWC), which deals with land ownership and agricultural issues. The UHWC and the UAWC deny any connections to the PFLP. In the past, however, both have acknowledged that they were founded as part of the PFLP and share personnel with the terrorist group. There is, we believe, conclusive evidence that they remain branches of their parent organization, despite attempts to conceal these ties.

Oxfam’s connections to UHWC and UAWC have been publicly acknowledged by the NGO. Oxfam has described both groups as “partners” in its activities in both Gaza and the West Bank, and proudly stated that Oxfam works “very closely” with them. This closeness was recently reaffirmed by the signing of a new agreement under which Oxfam pledged to continue funding the UHWC. Oxfam has also issued many press releases and calls for action that endorse both groups and even solicit publicity for them.

A press release issued in 2008, for example, cited “Al-Awda hospital in Jabaliya, run by Oxfam’s partner, the Union of Health Work Committees” (emphasis ours). More recently, a 2012 “media advisory” regarding health issues in Gaza stated, “Oxfam’s partner UAWC is working to get emergency assistance to those most at risk. UAWC is available for interviews in English” (emphasis ours).


The group acknowledges 17 individual branches, coordinated by the organization’s International Secretariat. Its branches “are based in: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Quebec, Spain and the United States” as well as “advocacy offices” in “Brussels, Geneva, New York, Washington DC and Brasilia.”

Since 1942, Oxfam has risen from a small, single-issue organization to one of the largest, wealthiest, and most influential NGOs in the world. According to its 2013 annual report , Oxfam enjoyed revenues last year of almost a billion Euros, the lion’s share of which comes from “institutional fundraising,” the UN, the EU, and other governments. Although it bills itself as a charity and often requests personal donations , only 40 percent of its revenue comes from “public fundraising.”


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is a Palestinian nationalist organization based on communist ideology. It has engaged in terrorism since its inception. Formed in 1967 following the Six Day War, it quickly became one of the largest parties in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and has attracted both violently militant terrorists and a strong intellectual following among both Arabs and the European extreme Left. Throughout its history, it has consistently rejected Israel’s right to exist and advocated its replacement with an Arab state. Although it has sporadically supported negotiations with Israel, it currently opposes talks or a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.
Read the whole thing.

I'm shocked.... Just totally shocked.... (NOT).

By the way, I had forgotten, but Scarlett Johansson was not the first spokesperson fired by Oxfam for ties to a company in Israel. That honor goes to Sex in the City's Kirstin Davis.

And the picture at the top of this post? It's an Oxfam billboard from the baggage claim area at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC. Haven't been there recently, but a friend snapped the picture last week.

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