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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Netanyahu claims he'll fire Danon if he doesn't resign

On Wednesday, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon threatened to resign if more 'Palestinian' terrorists are released on schedule next week. On Wednesday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu's office says that Danon will be fired unless he resigns.
If Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon does not follow through with his threat and resigns, he will be fired, sources close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday evening.
The comments came after Danon,  who met with bereaved mothers earlier Wednesday, said he would resign unless the fourth tranche of the release of terrorist murderers is cancelled.
Responding to Danon’s threats, sources close to Netanyahu told Channel 2 News that “enough was enough”.
"We're tired of his cheap politics,” they said, adding, “You do not threaten the prime minister. Danon is threatening to resign because he has already received information about the letter of dismissal that the prime minister is preparing for him."
Danon's associates, unfazed by Netanyahu’s threats, said in response, "This is not the first time that we have been threatened with dismissal over the past year.”

I'm really glad that threat came from Netanyahu's office and not from Netanyahu himself. You see, Netanyahu firing Danon would be a mistake of biblical proportions. Two weeks ago, Netanyahu himself admitted that he has lost control of the Likud. Dannon is one of the young, up and coming stars to whom Netanyahu has lost control. Danon is far more popular in the Likud than is Netanyahu. Danon is far more in line with the mainstream thinking of the Likud membership than is Netanyahu. Firing Danon would be a foolish act of hubris.

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