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Saturday, March 29, 2014

J Street activists wear pro-terror t-shirts

These are the kind of people who are attracted to J Street.
The allegations broke this morning when photos were discovered of the two students wearing the shirts at an event sponsored by J Street U last April. In coverage of the event, AbuNe’meh is quoted as a representative of the group. In AbuNe’meh’s Facebook postings, shown below, when asked where they acquired the shirts, he pointed to a vicious anti-Israel website called existenceisresitance.org. That website also offers shirts with a map of the entirety of Israel drawn in with a keffiyeh pattern and the caption “Un-Occupy,” calling for the elimination of Israel as a whole. The site describes the shirts explicitly as showing a picture of Leila Khaled....
It is worth noting that another student, Elisabeth Housman, who is listed here as “liking” the pro-terror photo, is also listed on the local campus Hillel website as the official contact person for J Street U on campus.
The second student in the photo, Yamaguchi, was described as the moderator of the event. He has gone on record advocating for the ”full right of return” of Palestinians to pre-1967 Israel. “In some ways,” he has written, “the essence of being Palestinian today is the right of return itself: what we lost, and what we fight to regain.” 
Neither student was apparently available to respond to the accusations, as both seem to be off campus this year. As of this writing, both list “Ramallah,” in the Palestinian Authority, as their current city of residence on what appear to be their Facebook pages.
Washington University’s J Street U branch came under fire recently this week for sponsoring an event for the discredited anti-IDF group “Breaking the Silence.”
 'Pro-Israel, pro-peace'?

Read the whole thing. There are lots of Leila Khaled t-shirts for sale....

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