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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Here we go? 50-55 rockets fired by Islamic Jihad, IDF preparing ground response

2014 is not continuing the 'no rockets' of 2013. In less than the last hour, Islamic Jihad has fired 50-55 rockets into southern Israel, and the IDF is preparing ground troops to respond.
IDF Radio is reporting that between 50 and 55 rockets have landed in Israel so far, after initial reports put the number at closer to 25. Of those, at least five were launched at Sderot; the Iron Dome has stopped some of them from making an impact on Israeli soil, according to the latest updates. 
No injuries have been reported. 
The Islamic Jihad terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack, in response to IAF airstrikes in Gaza on Tuesday, which killed three Islamic Jihad terrorists. Those airstrikes were themselves a response to an attempted mortar attack on IDF forces by the terrorist squad.
"The Al-Quds Brigades responded to [Israeli] aggression with a volley of rockets," read a statement released by the Iranian-backed group.
At least of one of the communities near Gaza has reported damage from the rocket fire, according to the latest news reports, though it has not been confirmed which one.
Residents are being advised to stay in protective shelters until further updates warrant; the Israeli Police has raised the alert level throughout the Negev in response to the rocket fire. 
IAF helicopters are patrolling the skies near Gaza now, as "security forces and the IDF are weighing the appropriate response," according to Walla! News.
This could get big relatively quickly....

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