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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First thing, let's kill the terrorists

Elihai Ben Yishai, the brother of Ruti Fogel HY"D (May God Avenge her blood), who was murdered with four other family members in a terror attack three years ago this week, told a Knesset committee on Wednesday that the State of Israel should execute terrorists like the two above rather than facing demands for their release.
Elihai Ben-Yishai, the brother of Ruti Fogel Hy''d, took part in the Knesset Interior Committee discussion Wednesday, debating the fourth release of Arab terrorists by the Israeli government. Ruti was murdered in 2011 by Arab terrorists in her Itamar home in Samaria, along with her husband and three young children.
"The problem would be solved if they would kill the terrorists, that's the solution," argued Ben-Yishai. "If we would kill these degenerates at the start we wouldn't be in this unethical situation (of releasing terrorists)."
"From an ethical and Jewish standpoint" which seeks to preserve innocent human life "we need to eliminate the evil. To turn the debate from being value-based to being political, that in exchange for freeing prisoners we'll get Pollard or construction in Judea and Samaria, that's not related. We must not free terrorists," stressed Ben-Yishai.
"This is our cry as a bereaved family, a cry stemming from a will to live," noted the bereaved brother. Just a few weeks ago the third anniversary of the Fogel massacre was held. The youngest of the murdered children was Hadas, a three-month old infant.
In his comments, Ben-Yishai stressed that in discussing terrorist releases one should first of all focus on the factors leading terrorists to "get up in the morning" and attack innocents. The releases, he suggested, encourage more terrorists to make that decision to attack.

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