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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Does this look like contraband?

These evil, poisonous (not really) persimmons were confiscated from a Saudi market in a small town along the border with Jordan. The reason? They come from Israel the Zionist entity.
The Qurayyat Municipality is on alert after its team confiscated from the local fruit market 140 kg of kakis (the Japanese persimmons) that had Israeli stickers, a section of the Arabic press reported on Tuesday.

The head of the municipality’s environment health department, Abdulaziz Al-Musaed, said the municipality acted on information that the Israeli-produced fruit was being sold in the market.

“The municipality team conducted a surprise inspection after the closing hours of the fruit market and confiscated the fruit boxes that originated from Israel,” he said. He added the municipality has notified the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

“The Saudi Food and Drug Authority was also notified. It inspected the fruit and confirmed that such fruit is not allowed in the Kingdom,” he added.

Al-Musaed noted that all shops were warned against dealing with fruit vendors who do not know the origin of the produce.

The head of Qurayyat Municipality, Ali Al-Shammari, said the local authority does not know how such fruit entered the country, especially as it carried a sticker stating its origin. A source at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said communications are ongoing with concerned bodies to find out how the fruit entered the country and whether it was a single shipment or several.
I wonder.... Do the Saudis use cell phones? Laptop computers with Intel inside? Baby monitors? Ingestible cameras?  Should we tell them? Hmmm....

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