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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Danon fires right back at Netanyahu

In an earlier post, I reported that Prime Minister Netayahu has threatened to fire Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon if Danon does not resign over the release next week of another 26 'Palestinian' terrorists. But Danon is not backing down and has issued another threat: He says that he will oust Netanyahu as head of the Likud if Netanyahu signs US Secretary of State John FN Kerry's 'framework agreement.'
Speaking Thursday in an interview with Army Radio, Danon said that US Secretary of State John Kerry's yet-to-be publicly released framework agreement can not be accepted by the head of the right-wing faction.
"This framework would mean the abandonment of the Jordan Valley, a return to the 67 lines and the division of Jerusalem," Danon stated.
"We are a democratic faction and their will be a race for the leadership when we get to that point. However, as someone who knows the hearts of Likud members, we will not support a framework that brings us in line with the positions of [Justice Minister] Tzipi Livni."
If there were a fair vote of the Likud's membership, my guess is that in this case Danon would win. But Netanyahu has played dirty before. Danon should have been a minister and not just a deputy. And the younger generation is much more right wing than Netanyahu's generation.

Pass the popcorn. One of them could end up starting his own party.

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