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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Breaking: Gaza terrorists fire more than 20 rockets at southern Israel

In the last few minutes, Gaza terrorists fired more than 20 rockets at children walking home from school in southern Israel. Three were intercepted by Iron Dome, and the rest missed. Would you want your kids to walk home from school like this?
Moments ago, Gaza terrorists fired a salvo of 20 rockets at southern Israel.  In the late afternoon, “Code Red” sirens sounded in Israeli communities, where children were heading home from school.  The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted three of the rockets.
Since the start of 2014, Gaza terrorists have fired more than 60 rockets at Israel.
Hopefully, Gaza will be rocking tonight. By the way, we had a torrential downpour with hail in Jerusalem at just about the same time as these rockets were fired. Yes, it's not just raining rockets. 

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At 7:12 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

We were in Israel in summer '06, when the rockets started from Lebanon. I had meetings set up at Technion in Haifa. Technion closed because of the rockets and so we rearranged to meet somewhere else. I had the car all set up and had read on the internet that if you can't get to your shelter or are on the road, you're supposed to get out of the car and lie down in the gutter during incoming. I've seen photos of this. Our unexpected hosts talked me out of going and it had, I'd say, fatal effects on my efforts to work with Technion research/engineering groups.

The other Western countries, who think Israel should sit still for rockets or bombings on their civilians, and who think it is irrational to think that Americans, for example, should caterwaul loudly against attacks on civilians... well, it will be going on near you before you know it. And no one will stand up for you either. (Progressive Democrats have told me they consider it irrational to speak against rockets and bombings in Israel... jerks, really.).


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