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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#BDS-Fail: It's official: Rolling Stones playing Tel Aviv's Park HaYarkon on June 4

It's official: The Rolling Stones will be playing in Tel Aviv's Park HaYarkon on Wednesday June 4. Prices range from NIS 700 - NIS 2,900. Tickets go on sale on March 27 (that would be Thursday), but you can get them immediately with a NIS 100 discount if you have a Pelephone (one of the cellular companies). For those who are wondering how much that is in other currencies, it's about NIS 3.50 to the dollar, so it's about $200 per ticket for the cheapest tickets.
After a few years of inactivity, the band returned with vengeance at the end of 2012 for their 50th anniversary, and toured extensively throughout 2013. The '14 on Fire' tour was launched on February 21 in Abu Dhabi and continued through Japan and China before landing in Australia last week.  Before the first show on March 19 in Perth, Jagger was informed of Scott's death and the band cancelled the remaining shows on the tour.

The Stones' Tel Aviv show will undoubtedly be one of the most talked about in Israel's history, rivaling high-profile visits in recent years by Paul McCartney and Madonna.

Tickets go on sale March 27, but Pelephone customers can get tickets immediately through their carrier’s website, and get a 100 shekel discount. Shuki Weiss is also giving away a free ticket to one lucky fan who posts a photo on his Facebook wall.

Lawn tickets sell for NIS 695, Golden Ring for NIS 1,790, and VIP tickets--which will include seats--for NIS 2,850.


In the comments, Devorah suggested that I check the date. She's right. It's Shavuoth. Since the holiday is only one day in Israel, I assume that the concert will start after nightfall and after the holiday ends. However, there will be massive desecration of the holiday by people trying to get to the stadium on time. Gevald!

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At 3:01 PM, Blogger Devorah said...

It may be a BDS fail but it is not an Israëli win. Did you check the date?



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