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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

As Obama heads for Saudi Arabia, he's hiding a dark truth

As President Hussein Obama heads to Saudi Arabia later this month, ostensibly to discuss "countering violent extremism," he is hiding a dark truth. Since 2012, the United States under Obama has been sitting on a report on Saudi textbooks that likely shows that those texts are chocked full of Islamic extemism. Of course, they don't want to offend the Saudis....
The study, commissioned in a reported $500,000 State Department contract in 2011, was the most comprehensive ever commissioned. Completed in late 2012, the findings with their implications on radical indoctrination and anti-Semitism have been kept hidden from the public.
However, a new report published by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington-based think-tank, quoting sources familiar with the hidden study, notes Saudi textbooks still “create a climate that fosters exclusivity, intolerance, and calls to violence that put religious and ethnic minorities at risk.”
Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor in Obama's first term when the study was commissioned, told The Daily Beast that the option was always open to publish the study, even if that wasn't the original intention.
“We commissioned the study to assess and evaluate the content of the textbooks with the intention of sharing our findings with the Saudi government and with the option, depending on the findings, of making it public if the problems persisted,” Posner remarked.
Posner noted the security dangers associated with Saudi Arabia's traditionally hateful textbooks, given that such learning materials radicalize the next generation. Alarmingly, the textbooks aren't only used in Saudi schools; they are sent free of charge to Muslim schools worldwide, including in the US.
As you might imagine, the textbooks are particularly hostile to Jews.
“Among the references that were most offensive were commentaries that linked Christians and Jews to apes and pigs,” Posner revealed. “If those references are still in some textbooks then the problem hasn’t been solved.”
An example of the anti-Semitic content in Saudi textbooks was revealed in a 2006 cable from the US embassy in Riyadh. Disclosed on WikiLeaks, the cable reports that an eighth grade textbook reads "God will punish any Muslim who does not literally obey God just as God punished some Jews by turning them into pigs and monkeys.”
 Read the whole thing. With this President, it's just one disgrace after another.

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At 3:05 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Well, I'm glad this study has been done, since it shows the President and the State Dept understood that the topic needed to be investigated. It's not really so important that the American public views the details - everyone here knows about the Saudi influence on radicalism...

I wonder what the Obama administration thinks can be done about it. Does anyone really think the next shipment of F-16s will be delayed because of it?

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Liars liars, Saudis' textbooks have educated experts,sheikhs,doctors and instructors and always been ...

Only haters would believe your joke, we as Saudis fully-attracted to our governers and support them with any idea while it is in the field of Islamiv law.

If you want to know the truth, don't hide behind such medias. Just come to the Kingdom of peace and feel it nearly.

All hail to the kingdom ✌


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