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Monday, February 10, 2014

Zany Zehava asks Kerry to rape Israel

Remember when Haaretz editor-in-chief David Landau asked Condoleeza Rice to rape Israel? Meretz party leader Zany Zehava Gal-On has just asked US Secretary of State John FN Kerry to do the same. Gal-On is afraid that Kerry is giving Israel too much wiggle room.

She focused her criticism on a decision by Kerry to enable both the Israeli and Palestinian sides to express reservations to the framework he intends to present.
"I think the US is surrendering to rejectionists on both sides by letting them express reservations," Gal-On said. "A framework with reservations is a farce. It will allow everything the Americans did so far to fall by the wayside, while both sides stall without paying a political price."
Gal-On said Kerry "has good intentions" and has used the proper resources to advance the diplomatic process. She expressed sympathy for the criticism he has faced from both the Israeli Right and the Palestinians but did not refrain from expressing her own frustration with him, even on personal terms.
"Everyone who comes thinks he invented the wheel," Gal-On said. "I'm not looking to attack the Americans. I respect them, but their policies are incorrect."
Gal-On called on Kerry to put more pressure on both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas.
"Instead of forcing the Israelis and the Palestinians to make a decision and really obligate themselves, even at the cost of changing their governments, Kerry is giving Netanyahu and Abbas the ultimate excuse to continue dragging their feet," she said.
"Virtual negotiations will not lead to an agreement for two peoples, only to political survival at the expense of our future."
More pressure? There hasn't been any pressure put on Abu Bluff yet. While she's at it, why doesn't she just call on Kerry to impose a settlement? In fact, why doesn't she call on him to send in the Marines to expel the 'settlers' from their homes?

This is your ally, Yair Lapid. What could go wrong?

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