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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who will care for Baby Adele?

I am sure that many of you remember Baby Adele, the 3-year old who was critically wounded in a 'Palestinian' terror attack about a year ago. Adele is about to be released from the Levenstein Rehabilitation Hospital. But she has not made the progress that was hoped for, and her family does not have the equipment needed to care for her.
Sadly, the expected improvement in her condition did not come to pass. Now, staff at Loewenstein Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Ra’anana say there is nothing more they can do for the badly handicapped young girl – and have told her parents to take her home, Yediot Aharonot reports.
Adelle’s parents say they do not have the equipment to take care of their young daughter.
Relatives who spoke to Yediot said the Health Ministry had failed to follow through on promises of help.
“We didn’t choose for [Adelle] to be in this situation. It’s hard enough for us already. We expect the government to help us,” a relative said.
“The family’s home in Yakir is not set up for Adelle yet, not in terms of access, and more importantly, not in terms of the necessary medical equipment,” they warned.
The family turned to MK Shuli Muallem (Jewish Home), who has helped them get support from the Health Ministry.
Muallem sent a letter to the Health Ministry warning that Adelle faces immediate release from the hospital “despite agreements,” and that the family does not have what it needs to help her.
Health Ministry officials issued a statement saying that ministry staff will work to help the Biton family prepare to care for Adelle, “and to promote understanding between the hospital and the family regarding the date of release.”
Parents Rafi and Adva Biton declined to be interviewed for the report.
Levenstein kept former Prime Minister Arik Sharon in his vegetative state for seven years. Why can't they keep one 3-year old terror victim until she recovers enough that her family can care for her? Haven't they suffered enough?

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