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Monday, February 24, 2014

Where were you in '08?

More than five years after he all but conceded the Presidency by not going for Barack Hussein Obama's jugular, John Sidney McCain is calling Obama the most naive President evah.

It happened Sunday on CBS's Face the Nation.

Let's go to the videotape. The interview starts at the 3:37 mark, and the question and answer you're looking for is at the 7:54 mark. The interview runs until 9:40.

McCain had his chance to show up the most naive President evah and he didn't take it. He didn't hit Obama for listening to weekly sermons from an anti-Semite for 20 years. He didn't hit Obama for hiding a video in which Obama is alleged to have made anti-Semitic comments. He didn't hit Obama for his associations with the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Rashi Khalidi, Billy Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Louis Farrakhan and the most corrupt politicians Chicago has ever seen. He didn't hit Obama for his inexperience in 2008. He didn't hit Obama for his disappearing birth certificate and academic records. He didn't hit Obama for anything, and he tried to prevent Sarah Palin from doing the job for him.

And now, in 2014, McCain calls Obama naive? He still doesn't get it. Obama is anything but naive. He is undermining America from within. That's not naive. It's conniving. It may be years before the Republicans are able to cleanly win a Presidential election because of all the cheating that Obama has built into the system. And John McCain is the one who let that happen. Obama was a Manchurian candidate and McCain let him win.

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At 12:34 PM, Blogger David Fink said...

BO was elected because the Republicans had just presided over the biggest market meltdown in 70 years. Putin could have been elected if he were the Democratic candidate. There's nothing McCain could have done that would have changed that.


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