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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What will his Rosh Yeshiva say this time?

It will be interesting to see what his Rosh Yeshiva will say this time. Dov Lipman has proven once again that wearing a black skullcap does not make you Haredi. Yair Lapid's useful idiot has called for criminal sanctions against Haredim who don't serve in the army.
When asked regarding the criminal sanctions being proposed for the law for hareidi draft-dodgers, which Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett has counter-proposed with economic sanctions, Lipman noted that the edict is really no different than the laws for any draft-dodger in Israel.
The Equal Burden of Service Law does not focus on the hareidi community per se, according to the MK, but rather promotes equality among the various sectors of Israel's population. 
Thus, economic sanctions would promote inequality, says Lipman; the wealthy would be able to pay the fines and keep dodging the draft, whereas the less wealthy will not.
Really? How many university students who evaded the draft (given that draft evasion in Israel stands in the 40-50% range and the Haredim make up 10-20% of the population, there must be some) are going to be thrown in jail?  Will Aviv Geffen face criminal sanctions?

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